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What We Do

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Our Sprint workshops are based around a set of fun, straightforward rules and introduce participants to 5 different creative filmmaking techniques.


How it Works

At the given deadline the 5 films are collated and laid back-to-back on a timeline to create one five-minute film on the chosen theme.

The resulting films are then premiered to the filmmakers and a public audience, before being added to the ever-growing DOCMA Archive. To date a total of 96 five-minute DOCMA films have been made, with over 300 filmmakers from around the world taking part. These workshops can be delivered in-person or online.

5 filmmakers make 5 films

each 1 minute long

on 1 common theme.

Each filmmaker is allocated one of 5 different documentary styles in which to make their 1-minute film, and the filmmakers are not allowed to confer.



If you’re after something a bit more in-depth, our Marathon courses might be what you’re looking for. Usually delivered over a period of 8 -10 weeks / sessions, the Marathon can be tailored to your unique specification. We offer practical film education for all levels. The courses are delivered in person. 


Open Calls


We occasionally put out a call for an Open. The call-out is usually connected to an event or a situation that can connect people globally. We don’t offer tuition and welcome filmmakers of all levels to take part. The DOCMA films that result from a DOCMA-Open are based on our House rules.

Open Calls

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