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We held a DOCMA-Open to mark the occasion of the COP-26 conference in Glasgow. 16 filmmakers - from Canada, Denmark, Italy, Scotland, and the USA - took part. The completed DOCMA-5 films were screened online during the conference and at a special screening at Kiosk in Govanhill in November 2022, and have now been uploaded to the DOCMA Vimeo Channel.

Watch the films here.

Image by Stephen O'Donnell
DOCMA x Lockdown



When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020, we were forced to cancel our in-person DocKlub /DOCMA meetings. We decided to reach out to as many of our alumni to come together and make as many DOCMA films as we could. 

We managed to have 45 filmmakers take part which resulted in 9 DOCMA

films on various themes related to Lockdown. This was our first DOCMA-Open.

View the films here.

Scottish Stories

DOCMA x Scottish Stories

Funded by Creative Scotland, Scottish Stories was a chance for us to develop a longer-form course, consisting of 8 weekly sessions delivered in-person to a group of 15-20 participants. Using the 5 DOCMA documentary techniques as a foundation we expanded upon each technique to include exercises and create a more in-depth filmmaking experience.

Docklub Event Header (2)(2)_edited_edited.jpg


DOCMA originally came into being at DocKlub - a monthly gathering for documentary filmmakers in Edinburgh, Scotland. Founded in January 2015, DocKlub offered filmmakers a space to share ideas, get feedback on rough cuts and seek friendly collaborations. In February 2019 DocKlub launched additional monthly meetings at the Centre for Contemporary Art in Glasgow. 


Since its inception, DocKlub has hosted over 50 filmmakers with their works-in-progress, with countless others attending to share ideas and support their peers. Most were welcomed in person, others joined meetings remotely from far and wide - including London, New York, Chicago, Berlin, Paris and Rome. 


The DOCMA model came about to fulfill DocKlubbers’ desire to keep their creative juices flowing whilst they worked on long-term personal projects. The aim was to formulate a fun, short-form filmmaking challenge that would stimulate the imagination and allow filmmakers to experiment with different techniques without putting undue strain on already busy schedules.


Thus was born DOCMA, find out more and get involved!

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